Newdev.dll Error Fix Guide – Use PC Fix Tool and Get Rid of It!

February 4th, 2012 | Posted by Harry in Errors

What is Newdev.dll?

What are the causes of Newdev.dll Error?

How to fix Newdev.dll Error?

Newdev.dll is one very important DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File that belongs to Add Hardware Device for Microsoft Windows Operating System to add new hardware devices to the computer. Its location on your computer is under C:\Windows\System32.

There are several reasons that can cause the problems with the dll files and the same can be applicable on this Newdev.dll too. It might get corrupted, deleted or become inaccessible. There are lots of situations and conditions that make these files did not work like these are suppose to work on windows computer. However if you too are facing such problem then you should fix it as soon as possible.

The common error messages that appear with this are:

This [application] failed to start because newdev.dll was not found. Re-installing the [application] again.

Cannot start [application]. A required component is missing: newdev.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.

Error in newdev.dll

Missing entry:clietnsideinstall

There are a sample error messages that appears whenever the Newdev.dll file is somehow damages. The possible reasons for newdev.dll error are:

  1. Sudden system shutdown
  2. PC infections and spyware attacks
  3. BSOD Errors
  4. Corruption in the DLL file
  5. Runtime Error and other system errors
  6. Corruption in Windows
  7. Firewall inability problems

How to fix Newdev.dll Error?

You should first check if the file is present on its original location and if it is not present then you should copy it from another computer with same operating system or you can directly get it by Windows Installation Disk. It can be done like this:

  1. Insert the Installation Disk and Click on start
  2. Go to run and type SFC /scannow and press Enter
  3. A window appear that will automatically scan and replace any deleted file

Mostly people complained about the Newdev.dll error when they start a specific application. You can also check and reinstall the application that shows this error message when get started. Follow the simple program uninstallation process and uninstall the process to fix Newdev.dll error.

Once done if still the problem persists then you should scan your computer using an antivirus application. Before doing that you should check if it has the latest virus signature or not as this will greatly improve the detection for the most recent infections. Update your antivirus application. If unfortunately you did not use any antivirus application then it is a big trouble and you should use any genuine antivirus application.

Once after you did the antivirus scanning and successfully deleted the infections then you should check the windows registry as it is the most crutial place where problems present can cause big troubles. You can open windows registry editor using Regedit.exe or regedt32.exe command. You can manually do registry editing but it is risky and is therefore recommended to use any registry cleaner application to fix the registry problem.

Doing all these steps need much time and you also have to buy several applications which is not really a good option. But there is a really good option and is known as newdev.dll Error Fix Tool. This is capable to scan your computer and make it running better than before. It scan and fix all kinds of windows errors and repair corrupted files, corrupted settings and protect PC from malicious infections as well. Altogether its a fully windows PC optimization program that perform all necessary actions which is required to fix newdev.dll error. Download Newdev.dll Error Fix Tool now and scan your PC to make it running better than before.

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